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Replacing The Air Filter, Coil Pack And Spark Plugs On A 500L 1.4 MPI

Parts needed are air filter 51806865, spark plugs 55188857 and coil pack 46777288

Undo the x2 10mm housing bolts

Unclip the intake hose.

Undo the 10mm bracket bolt.

Remove the housing and undo the x6 10mm bolts along the front.

Replace the air filter.

Undo the 13mm bolt to the coil pack rail.

Pull out the securing clips on all four coil packs and unplug them.

Undo the x4 retaining bolts...

...and pull out the coil packs.

Using a 16mm long socket undo the spark plugs...

....and extract the plugs with a magnetic rod.

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