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Replacing The Oil & Oil Filter On A Fiat 124 1.4 Multiair

To make removal of the oil filter easier, if your replacing the air filter at the same time you might want to take off the air intake hose to the turbo.
SELENIA K Pure energy oil 5w40 14115015
Oil filter 73500049

The oil filter is located just below the turbo.

Use a 27mm socket to undo the oil filter housing (it's a bit of a tug of war to pull it out and there will be some leakage).

The undertray is held by x9 12mm...

...and x2 12mm bolts.

Undo the sump plug with a 13mm socket.

Drain the oil into a suitable waste container.

Check that the rubber seal on the sump plug is not perished or cracked, if so renew the sump plug before fitting.

Take out the old oil filter and peel off the sealing ring.

Put the new filter and seal in place.

Undo the oil filler cap...

...and pour in about 3.8 litres of the recommended oil.

Put the oil filler cap back on and briefly start the engine.

Pull out the dipstick...

....wipe it, put it back in then pull it out to check the measurement. Do it again to make sure the reading is true and top up if required.

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