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Removing The Air Filter & Spark Plugs On A Fiat 500 1.2

To gain access to the spark plugs you have to remove the air filter housing first so you may as well replace them both at the same time. Parts needed are the air filter 55192012 and four spark plugs 55190788.

Undo the two 10mm bolts either side of the air filter housing.

Lift up off of the throttle body then pull the air intake pipe out.

Release the crimp clip on the primary breather hose to the head,

and the secondary breather hose that taps in at the back of the primary.

Undo the six 7mm bolts holding the air filter compartment to the rest of the housing,

and take out the air filter.

Now you can unplug the four HT leads,

and unscrew the four spark plugs with a 16mm spark plug socket.

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