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Oil & Filter Change On A Fiat 500L 1.4 MPI

Not even an undertray to remove on the basic model. Oil filter 55256470 and oil 14115015.

Undo the 12mm Allen sump bung.....

....and drain the oil into a suitable container. Replace the sump bung.

Unscrew the oil filter (counter clockwise) by hand or if it's tight use a set of swan neck pliers.

Clean the face of the oil filter housing, smear clean oil over the surface of the new oil filter and screw in hand tight.

Undo the filler cap and pour in 3 litres of Selenia K Pure Energy oil.

Put the cap back on and start the engine briefly.

Pull out the dip stick, wipe it, replace then pull it out again to check the level. Repeat a couple more times and top up if necessary.

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