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Replacing The Oil And Oil Filter On A Fiat 500L 1.6 JTDM

When replacing the 'O' ring on the oil filter housing, be sure it sits in the bottom recess and not the one just above as that's part of the thread.
Oil filter 71754237, sump washer 55196309
Engine oil 13883701/SP22591

Undo the 13mm/10mm bolts and Phillips screws to the undertray.

Loosen off the 13mm sump plug a few turns... that you can control the flow of the oil into a suitable waste container.

The oil filter housing is located up above the right side drive shaft. You'll need a stubby 32mm spanner for the plastic cover.

When you undo the housing cover oil will run over the cross member and down the right wishbone, this will need cleaning up.

Once the housing cover is removed you can then pull out the oil filter.

Replace the O ring on the oil filter housing cover...

....and the washer on the sump plug. Replace the oil filter, housing cover, sump plug and undertray.

Unscrew the oil filler cap.

Pour in about 4.5 litres of the recommended oil (EURO 5 - WR Pure Energy 5W-30 or EURO 6 - WR Forward 0W-30)and screw the cap back on.

Start the engine briefly to circulate the fresh oil.

Pull out the dip stick, wipe it, insert it back in then pull it out again. Check the level of oil, if it's too low then top it up and check again.

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