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Replacing The Clutch Fork On A Fiat 500 1.2 8v

When replacing the clutch it's a good idea to also replace the clutch fork and bushes as the fork wears and the easiest way to remove it is by destroying the top bush.

Clutch fork kit 55250936


Remove the clutch release bearing (if not done so already).

Release the circlip to the clutch fork arm and remove arm.

Carefully break away the rim of the top bush.

Place a close fitting socket over the top of the clutch fork and tap out the top bush.

Slide the clutch fork up out of the lower bush then drop it down out of the housing.

Break out the old bottom bush, apply a little grease and position the new bush.

Using a plastic trim tool (or something similar) to protect the bush gentley tap it into place.

Replace the new clutch fork, apply a little grease and position the top bush (noting the recess for the lug).

Again, using a close fitting socket tap the top bush into place.

Replace the clutch fork arm and circlip (there will be a larger spline on the clutch fork which aligns with a recess in the arm).

Grease the shaft to the release bearing, replace the bearing and check that everything moves as it should.

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