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Removing The Spark Plugs On A Fiat 500/Panda/Punto/Grande Punto 1.2 8v

The spark plugs are buried behind the rocker cover. This 'How to' is based on the 500.

Spark plug 55190788


If you would like to BOOK yourself in the price of this service in our workshop for the 500 is £70.80

Undo the x2 10mm bolts to the air filtration box.

Pull the filtration box lose from the top mounting lug.

Pull out the air intake sleeve.

Unclip the camshaft breather hose.

Pull of the manifold breather hose.

We've pulled a spark plug cap off of a plug to show you where they are (you can just see the gold tip).

Pull off the remaining spark plug caps.

Unscrew the spark plugs with a 16mm deep socket.

Remove the spark plugs.

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