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Replacing The Outer Door Handle Hinge On A Fiat 500

You can either remove the whole door handle to make the process easier but it takes longer, we've taken the quicker route. You will need a set of plastic trim removal tools for the job so as not to damage the parts you're removing. This 'How to' is on the right hand front door.
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If you would like to book yourself in the price of this repair in our workshop is £120.40

Using a plastic trim removal tool prise off the side cover in the mirror/window control console.

Undo the x2 5mm allen head bolts.

Prise of the circular cover to the doors release lever.

Undo the 5mm allen head bolt.

Find a starting point to prise off the door card (the corners a good place).

Now work the door card free with your hands.

Prise the door release cable from it's support and remove the end from the interior handle.

Disconnect the speaker wire.

With a small sharp blade carefully cut away the doors membrane along the bonded edge.

Cut away enough so that you can access the back of the outer handle

Tape up around the outside door handle to protect the paint work.

Undo the 10mm nut holding the door handle hinge to the door skin.

Pull the handle out (as if opening the door) to extract one half of the broken hinge.

Holding the handle out unscrew the Phillips screw securing the second half of the hinge to the handle (this bit's a little tricky).

Now this is a slight problem, the pin holding the two parts of the new hinge together is a loose fit so tends to fall out when you're trying to replace it.... we clamp it in a vice and squeeze it until the ends flare a little.

Screw in the new hinge and do up the nut from the back of the door skin.

You can use gaffer tape to seal up the sections of the membrane that you cut. Now assemble the door card.

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