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Removing The Rear Wheel Bearing On A Fiat 500

To remove the wheel bearing the hub carrier needs to be taken off to gain access to the brake caliper carrier, you then put the hub carrier 'back on' to undo the hub nut.

Wheel bearing 51754193, hub nut 7556102

Prise off the centre cap.

Undo the x4 17mm wheel bolts.

Use a 13mm and 17mm spanner to undo the x2 brake caliper mount bolts....

....and remove the caliper.

Lever out the brake pads above the pads surface so as not to damage them.

Undo the x2 12mm brake disc locating screws.

Unplug the ABS sensor...

...and unclip the wire from the plastic bracket.

Undo the x4 17mm bolts holding the hub carrier.

Remove the hub carrier being careful to route out the ABS sensor.

Undo the x2 8mm allen bolts to the brake caliper carrier.

The brake disc will now fall out.

Put x2 of the bolts back into the hub carrier to hold it and take off the hub cap.

Undo the 32mm hub nut....

....and remove the wheel bearing/hub.

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