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Replacing The Cam belt And Water Pump On A Fiat 500 1.4 16v

For this episode you will need cam lock tools and be able to support the engine to remove the right side engine mount.
Cam locking tools TB120
Cam belt kit 71736717
Water pump 55284051





If you would like to book yourself in for a cam belt replacement the price of this service in our workshop is £186.00

Undo the x6 10mm bolts to the undertray.

Using a plastic trim removal tool prise of the centre wheel cap to the front right side wheel.

Undo the wheel bolts.

Unscrew the x3 Phillips screws to the side cover. To remove the cover unscrew the x2 Phillips screws in the front wheel arch liner beside the inspection panel and the one underneath the corner.

You can now bend the wheel arch liner enough to pull out the side cover.

To remove the auxiliary belt you need to release the tension by using a 13mm spanner on the auxiliary belt tensioner bolt and turning clockwise.

Undo the x3 13mm bolts to the bottom pulley.

Undo the 10mm bolt at the bottom of the cam belt side cover.

Take the weight off of the engine mounts by jacking the engine up from under the sump.

Undo the x3 10mm bolts to the engine cover and pull out the clip for the coolant pipe at the rear.

Unclip the intake hose.

Pull off the hose to the air box and remove the engine cover.

Undo the 10mm bolt to the coolant tank, unclip the back hose and move the tank over to the other side of the engine(the coolant hoses are long enough).

Unclip the air con hose from the cam belt side cover.

Undo the x3 15mm and x3 17mm nuts to the right side engine mount.

There's x6 13mm bolts to the engine mount support. Jack the engine higher up so you can access the bolts (the bottom x2 undo but leave them in place).

Undo the 13mm bolt at the top of the cam belt cover and the 10mm bolt at the side.

Pull out the wiring loom from the cam belt cover then remove the cover and engine mount support.

Unplug the fuel hose to the injector rail.

Undo the x2 8mm allen key cam shaft bungs (front and rear).

Using a long 15mm spanner on the crank, rotate it clockwise...

....until the recess in the front camshaft is aligned with the pilot hole (the mirror image shows the camshaft just over half open).

Insert the camshaft locking tools, to fit the rear one unplug the connector to the injector that's in the way.

Now lock the crank as shown in the picture (there's a locating pin on the face of the gear that fits into the head of the locking tool).

Undo the 18mm bolt to the camshaft pulley (the pulley will then be free spinning, this is normal).

Undo the 13mm nut to the cam belt tensioner and remove the
cam belt with tensioner

Place a tray under the engine to catch the coolant then undo the x3 10mm bolts and x1 10mm nut.

Clean off the old silicone sealant.

Use a silicone sealant to seal the water pump.

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