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Replacing The Oil And Oil Filter On A Fiat 500 1.4 16v

You'll need about 3.3 litres of Selenia 'K' Pure Energy oil to fill her up.
Oil filter 55256470
Engine oil 14115015
Sump plug washer 10261060





If you would like to book yourself in the price of this service in our workshop is £76.56

Undo the x6 10mm bolts to the undertray.

The sump plug is 17mm.

Make sure you have a suitable container to drain the engine oil into.

Using an oil filter wrench undo the oil filter (some oil will spill).

When replacing the sump plug use a new washer.

Smear engine oil over the seal of the new filter before fitting.

Unscrew the oil filler cap.

Pour in the recommended volume and grade of engine oil, using a funnel will cause less mess. Screw the filler cap back on.

Briefly start the engine to circulate the oil.

Pull out the dip stick.

Wipe it, put it back then pull it out again, if the oil is not up to the maximum level then top it up and take another reading.

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