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These simple to follow maintenance guides are for the Fiat 500. They are based on many years of experience of maintaining the cars in our workshop. They are popular with the trade, the do-it-yourself customer as well as owners who just want an idea of what is involved. We point out common problems as well as time-saving methods that we have developed from our extensive knowledge, built up over the years.

We would of course, always suggest you take your vehicle to a Fiat specialist who has the experience and specialist tools, but if you're doing your own maintenance, you must always use a model specific workshop manual and rigorously follow all safety advice contained within it.

We will be building up the list of items covered over the next few months.

Brakes & steering
Fiat/Abarth 500 front ABS sensor removal
Fiat 500 Rear wheel bearing removal.

500 1.2 8v clutch fork Replacement
500 1.2 8v clutch removal

500 0.9 TB auxiliary belt removal
Fiat 500/Panda/Punto/Grande Punto 1.2 8v cambelt and water pump removal
500 1.4 16v oil and oil filter replacement
500 1.4 16v cam belt & water pump replacement

Engine management
500 0.9 TB spark plug removal
500/Panda/Punto/Grande Punto 1.2 8v spark plug removal

Exterior Bodywork
Fiat 500 outer door handle hinge replacement

Fiat 500 1.0 Hybrid engine oil and filter replacement.
500 0.9 TB air filter removal
500/Panda/Punto/Grande Punto 1.2 8v air filter removal
Fiat 500 1.2 oil and filter change

Fluids & lubricants
500 0.9 TB oil and filter change
Fiat 500 1.2 fluid tank identification

500 front shock absorber replacement
500 front lower wishbone removal

Fiat 500 service schedule
Fiat Fixed Price Servicing
Fiat Parts

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