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Replacing The Fuel Filter On A Fiat 500x 1.6/2.0 JTDM

When replacing the fuel filter don't forget to bleed the fuel filter housing at the bleed nipple. This 'How to' is based on the 1.6 model.

Fuel filter 77366607

Remove the plastic engine cover.

Pull the yellow locking tab to the fuel filter outlet hose and squeeze the connector to release.

Undo the x2 10mm bolts holding the fuel filter housing.

Lift up the yellow securing pin to the fuel sensor connector and slide the connector to your right.

Slide back the blue locking tab to the fuel filter inlet hose and disconnect the hose.

Loosen the 12mm bleed nipple....

....and drain the fuel into a suitable waste container.

Undo the x6 T20 (Torx) bolts on top of the fuel filter housing.

Remove the old fuel filter.

When replacing the new fuel filter make sure the breather pipe lines up with the breather hole.

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