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Replacing The Front Brake Pads And Discs On A Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 8 Valve

If you haven't been supplied new spring clips with your brake pads then you will need to give the old ones a good cleaning.
Brake pads 77366134
Brake discs 55700921

Remove the front wheel. You can do both sides at the same time or just one side at a time.

If you can (using a suitable bar) prise the pads apart from the disc to push back the piston otherwise you will need to use a piston winding tool.

Undo the x2 13mm brake caliper bolts...

....and remove the caliper.

Take out the old brake pads.

Undo the x2 19mm caliper carrier bolts.

Undo the x2 T30 (TORX) disc locating screws and remove the old brake disc.

Using a wire brush give the carrier and spring clips a good cleaning.

Brush behind the spring clips also.

Remove the x2 slider bolts...

...and lubricate with Red Rubber Grease or something similar.

Replace the new brake disc.

Copper slip the spring clips where the brake pads fit and remount the carrier.

Fit the new brake pads then replace the caliper and wheel.

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