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Removing The Clutch On A Fiat 500 1.2 8v

When changing the clutch we recommend that you also replace the clutch fork and bushes as the fork wears.

Clutch kit 71773157 and clutch fork 55250936

WORKSHOP TIME 4hrs 30mins

If you would like to BOOK yourself in the price of this repair in our workshop is £510.80

Unclip the negative lead and undo the x10mm nut on the negative terminal then the positive terminal. Undo the 13mm nut on the battery strap and remove the battery.

Lift out the battery tray drain cover. Undo the x3 13mm bolts, unclip the wiring harness and remove the battery tray.

Undo the x2 13mm bolts to the clutch slave cylinder and unplug the reverse sensor (to the left in the picture). Position the slave cylinder out of the way).

Prise the gear cable off of the end of the clutch fork arm.

There's x2 13mm bolts holding the gear cable bracket.

Undo the starter motor 13mm rear bolt.

Undo the x2 18mm bell housing bolts.

The earth cable is a 13mm nut.

loosen the E18 gearbox mount bolt.

Undo the x4 T30 (TORX) screws on the top of the bumper and the x3 underneath.

Remove the wheel caps and wheels on both sides.

Undo x3 screws on the wheel arch covers to both sides where it fixes to the front bumper (one of the screws is under the corner). Lift the bottom corner to get to the last of the T30 screws.

The ends of the bumper are clipped into the wings and need a sharp tug to separate them.
Unclip daytime running lights....

....and fog lights.

Undo the x4 15mm bolts to the LEFT side lower crash rail (these bolts also hold the brace bar behind).

Undo the x2 15mm bolts to the brace bars 'support rail' then the x1 16mm and x2 18mm bolts at the rear end of the brace bar.

The gearbox sump plug is an 8mm Hex socket (Allen key), drain the gearbox oil into a suitable waste container.

Bend out the locking tabs on the 32mm hub nut and undo the nut (on both sides).

Undo the 17mm wishbone pinch bolt and nut (on both sides).

Tap out the pinch bolts and split the wishbones.

Prise out and remove the drive shafts.

Undo the 13mm bolt to the starter motor and the last 13mm bolt on the gear cable bracket.

Undo the bottom bolts to the bell housing, brackets and rear support rod (x1 10mm / x1 15mm / x1 17mm / x3 19mm).

Undo the 10mm bolt on the bell housing and loosen the 18mm nut above.

loosen the other 18mm bolt on the bell housing.

Support the engine.
Fully undo the E18 bolt on top of the gearbox mount which you loosen earlier then undo the x3 15mm bolts to the gearbox support bracket.

Fully undo the gearbox 18mm nut and bolt that you loosen and remove the gearbox with bell housing.

Undo the x6 T40 screws to remove the clutch.

The release bearing just slides off of the shaft.

To replace the clutch fork and bushes please follow our guide...

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