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Replacing The Cambelt And Water Pump On A Fiat 500 1.2 8v

You need to be able to support the engine as the right hand engine mount has to be removed when changing the cambelt.

Cambelt kit 71775900 and water pump 55284051


If you would like to BOOK yourself in the price of this service in our workshop is £216.00

Undo the x2 10mm bolts to the air filtration box.

Pull the filtration box lose from the top mounting lug and remove the air intake sleeve.

Pull of the manifold breather hose and unclip the camshaft breather hose where it connects at the rocker cover.

Unplug the camshaft solenoid connector.

Unplug the connector to the coil pack and all x4 spark plug caps.

Undo the x3 10mm bolts to the coil pack (1) and remove. Undo the 10mm bolt to the wiring harness bracket (2), the earth wire (3), the lambda sensor bracket (5) and the x8 8mm bolts to the rocker cover (4). Next separate the wiring harness from the air filtration box bracket (6).

Unplug the camshaft sensor.

Undo the x3 10mm bolts to the cambelt plastic side cover and separate from the wiring harness.

You can now remove the rocker cover and rocker cover gasket.

Remove the front right wheel cap and undo the wheel.

Undo the Phillips screws to the front part of the wheel arch cover and the side cover (there's a screw for the side cover which is behind the wheel arch cover).

Undo the x2 15mm bolts to the chassis brace.

Turn the 13mm bolt on the auxiliary tensioner idler clockwise to release the tension on the auxiliary belt so that it can be removed.

Undo the x3 13mm bolts to the bottom pulley.

Undo the 10mm bolt to the bottom plastic side cover and separate the wiring.

Turn the crank so that you can align up the crank locking tool and fix in place using the 13mm bolts from the bottom pulley.

Support the engine.

Undo the x3 15mm nuts...

...and x3 17mm nuts to the right hand engine mount.

Undo the x4 15mm bolts to the engine mount support.

Bolt in place the camshaft locking tool.

Undo the T55 (Torx) pulley cap then the T55 bolt to the camshaft pulley.

Undo the 13mm nut to the cam belt tensioner and remove along with the cam belt.

The water pump is x3 10mm bolts and x1 10mm nut.

There's no gasket to the pump so use an apropriate sealent.

Put the new cam belt tensioner and cam belt in place but only do up the tensioner finger tight as it needs to be adjusted. Turn the tensioner anticlockwise untill the bottom lug falls in line with the cut out in the picture then do up the nut.

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